Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Issue About USJ-R Sex Scandal 2013

NOTE: For the Netizens, if you're looking for the video of that scandal here then you won't find it. I don't support the idea of spreading the sex video of these 2 people through my blog. 

I was watching the news awhile ago about the University of San Jose Recoletos Sex Scandal that is spreading rapidly in different websites and social media sites. I decided to look for the detailed story about it but I noticed that there are several different versions. So I decided to post a blog entry from Anything Goes about his/her version of the latest sex scandal.

Here it is...

The nerve of some people not even thinking the slightest bit what their actions can do to others. 
So I had heard about a new school sex scandal involving a female student from the University of San Jose Recoletos. 
I thought the guy is from the same school but I read that he is studying in the University of the Visayas. Aside from the humiliation that these poor kids are experiencing now, it also hurts that the girl was supposed to graduate this year. 
While some people will still attempt to take sex videos of themselves through their mobile phones, this should be a lesson to everyone that to be perfectly safe from having something like this happen to you, never ever take videos having sex. 
There are stupid people out there who really do not give a damn what their actions will do: destroying other people’s lives. 
The video was uploaded after the phone was apparently stolen. Not sure if this is the real cause. My friend told me they had the phone fixed since it was busted and that was then when the video was found out, it was uploaded right away 
Whatever the cause, these people now are experiencing the worst time of their lives. This is where the Cyber crime law should come into play. 
Even if the scumbag who uploaded the video will be caught, those students’ lives will never be the same.

From what I know, a lot of people are searching for this scandal. I hope that they'll stop doing that because it's like they're condoning the action of the person who uploaded the video. Personally, I didn't like what the couple did. I haven't watched the video but the idea of filming your intimate moments with your partner is a big No-No. If it's something that you're both into then you should consider the possible risks of doing it. They should have erased it afterwards. Keeping it will only make things difficult in the future for both individuals.

Based from what I read from other sites, the University is in damage control mode right now for this. The administrators didn't expel the girl in the video nor did they force her to drop out. She will be graduating this year as long as she completed the necessary requirements. But due to the media frenzy, I think it's going to be very difficult for her to do the things that she needs to do before graduating. Hopefully, she could accomplish it minus the criticisms from those mean people around her. It's also nice that her school is backing her up because in this kind of case, the woman is usually the one on the hot seat.

This is a lesson to be learned for all the couples out there who likes to film their intimate moments. To avoid this kind of ordeal, they should always think twice before filming themselves. They should also consider the effects that it could bring to their lives and their families' reputations. Taking a video or photos of their intimate moments might be a thrilling experience for both of them but once the video spreads then their future could also be over. It could destroy them for life because it will always be available in the cyberspace. 

The Cyber Crime bill from what I know is useless at this point. But this scandal is still covered by Anti-Photo/Video Voyeurism Act of 2009. Those who uploaded the video online may be imprisoned for 7 years and may be compelled to pay P500,000.00 in fines if found guilty. So please beware and be aware.

And for those who like to upload scandal videos like this, think twice before doing it also. What would you feel if someone uploaded a sex video of your girlfriend, sister or mother in the net? Don't do things that you don't want to happen to your own family. I hope that the couple in video esp. the girl would be able to move on someday. They made a mistake but this is not the time to point fingers on who to blame. This is my way of helping the USJ-R in their damage control mode for the scandal. Let us not support and spread the video. If you have one, don't upload it or better yet erase it. 


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